Confused 90’s Kids: Throwback Outfit

0F5A1081 My personal style is a complete mashup of random trends and I pretty much just wear whatever I feel like. Some days I’ll channel my inner rocker chick with some leather and studs and other days I’ll just want to prance around in a floral dress and knee high socks. And that’s sort of how 90’s fashion was – a fusion of a bunch of things, whether that be recycled styles from previous decades or newer trends. download (2) So for this look I drew inspiration from the grunge era with the oversized, distressed denim jacket from Zara and these awesome black boots from Cheap Monday. The adorable, velvet dress from TopShop adds an element of preppiness and brings me back to my days as a child. If you were a 90’s kid, like myself, you might remember when Baby-G’s and colourful rubber bracelets were all the craze, so for a little throwback I decided to include them both!

downloadDress: TopShop, Jacket: Zara, Boots: Cheap Monday, Watch: Baby G
[Photography by Lala Liu]

Which 90’s trend was your favourite – grunge, preppy, neon colours, glamour, hip hop etc?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 6.39.48 pm

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