Chelsi’s Picks: July Favourites (Winter Beauty Essentials Edition)

Winter is now upon us and dare I say that this Aussie winter is one of the coldest I can recall in recent years? Winter is always a hassle in my opinion… getting dressed in the mornings is difficult (almost painful), due to the lack of exposure to sunlight I have to buy a shade lighter in almost all my foundations and my skin becomes a dried out mess. Here are some of my holy grail beauty products for surviving the coming months. Continue reading


Rainbow Linings: Everyday Winter Outfit

0F5A0797You know that saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’… well, my silver lining through this gloomy weather has been adding some colour to my everyday outfits. I’m aware that compared to some parts of the world, Australian winters are like a walk in the park, so at the current moment and on warmer days I can still get away with wearing skirts or shorts, as long as I bring a thicker jacket. Continue reading

Tartan Trunks: Autumn-Winter Outfit


Although we’re in the midst of winter here in Australia, I felt the days leading up to freezing limbs and red noses particularly difficult to dress for. I found myself often rugged up like an eskimo in the mornings, only to be sweating the layers off in the afternoons when the sun finally decided to grace us with its presence. So for those of you who feel the struggles, here’s my best shot at an Autumn-to-Winter transition outfit. Continue reading