Sweater Weather


It’s barely been a week since my summer outfit post and here I am with a ‘transition into autumn’ OOTD! I don’t know what happened but it seems the temperature has decided to take a rapid plunge right into the next season – fall!

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Fine Florals: Summer OOTD

dsc_1111-copyAnd… I’m back! I feel like recently I’ve started every single blog post off with an apology regarding my absence so today let’s switch things up and just jump straight into this OOTD. If you live in Sydney then you’ll know that summer is surely upon us, so to save myself from the melting I’ve been avoiding wearing anything remotely tight or heavy.

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Over-It-All: Summer Outfit


Long time no see, my little pusheen cat unicorns. Sorry for the long period of silence… but finally I am back with a new outfit post! ❤

Australian weather has been driving me crazy recently. Some days it’ll be pouring down with rain, making even the short walks between classes a major struggle. And other days it’ll be so hot that I won’t bother wearing makeup because I know my face will be a hot mess by the end of the day! Continue reading

Sweeping Oceans: Outfit for Arts Ball

“Just around the corner in every woman’s mind – is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her” – Wilhela Cushman.
I love going to balls. I don’t know if it’s the hours spent shopping for the right gown, or getting ready with the girls before the event, or just the enchanting feeling of regality and class a formal night gives me. But either way, I love it. So as expected I had a ball (not pun intended) putting together this blog post. Continue reading

Rainbow Linings: Everyday Winter Outfit

0F5A0797You know that saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’… well, my silver lining through this gloomy weather has been adding some colour to my everyday outfits. I’m aware that compared to some parts of the world, Australian winters are like a walk in the park, so at the current moment and on warmer days I can still get away with wearing skirts or shorts, as long as I bring a thicker jacket. Continue reading

Tartan Trunks: Autumn-Winter Outfit


Although we’re in the midst of winter here in Australia, I felt the days leading up to freezing limbs and red noses particularly difficult to dress for. I found myself often rugged up like an eskimo in the mornings, only to be sweating the layers off in the afternoons when the sun finally decided to grace us with its presence. So for those of you who feel the struggles, here’s my best shot at an Autumn-to-Winter transition outfit. Continue reading

Confused 90’s Kids: Throwback Outfit

0F5A1081 My personal style is a complete mashup of random trends and I pretty much just wear whatever I feel like. Some days I’ll channel my inner rocker chick with some leather and studs and other days I’ll just want to prance around in a floral dress and knee high socks. And that’s sort of how 90’s fashion was – a fusion of a bunch of things, whether that be recycled styles from previous decades or newer trends. Continue reading

Little Black Dress: Outfit for the Bond Ball


Last month UTS hosted their very own Bond themed ball and since I love me some fancy dress… I was totally down for this event. The dress code: Casino Royale or basically anything Bond-esque. That means anything from sexy casino attire to a memorable bond villain to Mr. Bond himself. My friends and I had a grand old time, drinking themed cocktails (shaken… not stirred, of course), trying our luck at the casino tables and dancing the night away. Continue reading