Rainbow Linings: Everyday Winter Outfit

0F5A0797You know that saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’… well, my silver lining through this gloomy weather has been adding some colour to my everyday outfits. I’m aware that compared to some parts of the world, Australian winters are like a walk in the park, so at the current moment and on warmer days I can still get away with wearing skirts or shorts, as long as I bring a thicker jacket. downloadI centred this outfit around an off-the-shoulder top from Shakuhachi. The muted rainbow patterns across the shirt add a pop of colour to this look without straying too far from my winter colour palette. Since my legs are exposed in a little black skirt, I rugged up in a grey checkered blazer which keeps me warm enough during the day. At night, or if you’re experiencing a colder winter where you are, feel free to add some opaque stockings and a neutral scarf! download (2)Top: Shakuhachi, Jacket: Hong Kong Boutique, Skirt: Factorie, Shoes: Cheap Monday [Photography by Lala Lui] What’s winter like in your country? How do you alter your style to survive the cold?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 6.39.48 pm

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